These Awesome Side Hustle Ideas Are Great for Extra Income

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By Lizz Schumer, Good Housekeeping

If your wallet is feeling a little light (or you just want to supplement your income to meet some financial goals), you wouldn't be alone in starting a second (or third, or fourth) money-maker. According to a survey by Bankrate, nearly half of working Americans (or 45 percent) report having another gig outside of their primary job. That’s also true for 43 percent of full-time workers. About 34 percent of the survey participants said they use their side hustle income for fun money, so they don't have to dip into their savings to go on vacation or hit the town. Others temporarily pick up extra shifts at the local watering hole or some side work to pay off unexpected medical or household expenses, but that's not the case for a lot of us. That same survey reports that three in 10 working Americans who have a side hustle need the extra income just to help cover the cost of regular living expenses. And while millennials are more likely to have a side hustle than their elders, most of the jobs that make great second gigs are available to people of any age. So if you're looking for extra work, polish up that resume: We've got your new billfold-fattener in this gallery.

Sell Your Stuff Online

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Clean out your closets and earn cash by selling your gently used clothes and tchotchkes online. Thanks to upcycling sites like Poshmark, Mercari, ThredUp, and of course, eBay, you can streamline your stash and make some cash, all at the same time.

Rent a Room on AirBnB

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If you have a spare room, you can use that extra space to generate income by renting it out on AirBnB. Some hosts have met new friends through the platform, so it especially works well for extroverts who like having guests. Know that landlords often prohibit the practice, so know the laws if you don't own your home.

Teach Online

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Educators or those with a specialized skill may especially enjoy teaching or tutoring online. A variety of platforms exist to connect students with teachers from anywhere in the world, and many of them provide flexible schedules so you can spread knowledge in your own time.

Write an EBook

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While this one won't have huge monetary returns, there's just nothing like seeing your work in print. If you've got a story that's just itching to be told, you can publish it yourself and list it online to do just that. Services like CreateSpace make it easy to share your work with the world, even if you don't know the first thing about book design.

Get Paid to Shop

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Mall rats and online shopping experts, meet your dream job. Businesses often hire mystery shoppers to report their experiences with a retailer to the company, both in-person and online. The Mystery Shopping Providers Association can help you find reputable companies and learn how to get started.

Walk Dogs

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Dog-lovers can get their furry friend fix by walking neighborhood pups. Sign up with an app like Wag or Rover that connects walkers with dogs who need exercise, or simply print up flyers and bring them to your local dog park.

Become a Babysitter or Nanny

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If you love kids, watching someone else's little ones can make a great side gig. Do some research to figure out what to charge in your area and advertise at your church, community center, social media, or use a babysitting website like to find clients.

Drive for a Rideshare Program

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The popularity of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have exploded over the past few years, and driving for them makes a good side hustle if you need extra cash. You can drive on your time, working as little or as much as you like, as long as there are people who need a lift.

Clean Houses

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Neat freaks can use their powers for good by cleaning or organizing other people's houses. The gig can range widely, from scrubbing floors to consulting with more scatterbrained people on how to optimize their organization.

Run Errands for Others

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People who actually like running errands can make a side hustle out of it. From signing up to do grocery shopping to sites like TaskRabbit, the gigs can include picking up and dropping off keys, putting together furniture, or even filing and personal shopping.

Teach Music Lessons

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Virtuosos can share their talents by teaching music lessons to local kids and adults. Just make sure your family or roommates (if you have them) are OK with inviting novice music-makers into your home; beginner musicians can be, well, less than melodious.

Become a Social Media Manager

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If you've got a knack for the 'gram, consider offering your services to local businesses. Some smaller shops or restaurants can benefit from a spruced-up online presence but don't have the coin for a full-timer. Start with spots you already frequent, since businesses will likely be more receptive to help from customers they know.

Help Out the Homebound

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Seniors or people with health challenges may need a little extra help around the house, without requiring full in-home medical care. You can help the homebound feel more connected to their community while forming friendships and making extra pocket change.

Share Your Skills

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Community colleges, town recreation centers, and even some churches offer continuing education courses in everything from English as a Second Language to accounting, and arts and crafts, and many don't require an advanced degree to teach. Share your expertise with others by applying to teach in your area.

Deliver Takeout Food

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By signing up to work for a service like DoorDash or Postmates, you can help get people their chow and boost your own income. Just don't get tempted to steal a french fry or two on your way.

Start a Baking Business

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Turn your cakes, pies, and cookies into cash by starting your own baking business. Holidays, graduations, birthdays, and even weddings all call for sweets. You can build a solid year-round enterprise with sugar, butter, and some eggs.

Serve as a Tour Guide

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While some countries have strict rules about who can give tours, many will let anyone with expertise and enthusiasm guide others around. If you live in a vacation destination, or even have a special knowledge of local history or architecture, put your braininess to good use.

Sell Your Books

© Luis Alvarez - Getty Images

If your bookshelf needs some decluttering, motivate yourself with the prospect of profits by selling your books online. Websites like Bookscouter can help determine your reading material's market value, so you know how much to charge. Textbooks and academic texts can especially net some serious coin.

Join a Focus Group

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While the rates of pay can range widely, focus groups can be a quick and easy way to earn extra money, some even online. Some have very stringent requirements, but with a little searching, you can find one that fits you perfectly. Side Hustle Nation offers a handy guide on how to get started.

Coach a Youth League

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Recreation leagues often need coaches or referees, so you can turn your love of the game into a gig. While some of these positions are on a volunteer basis, others offer payment for your time. Besides, there's nothing cuter than pint-sized players.

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Bloom Magazine: These Awesome Side Hustle Ideas Are Great for Extra Income
These Awesome Side Hustle Ideas Are Great for Extra Income
Bloom Magazine
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